BOCCUZZI - Advogados Associados

Well done is better
than well said.

Benjamin Franklin

There are no small
steps in big deals.

Jean Retz

The biggest competitive
advantage a company can have
is a vision of the future.

Gary Hamel

Never walk through the path that has
already been walked, because it only takes you where others have already been.

Alexander Graham Bell

Opportunities multiply as they are taken advantage ok.

Sun Tzu

Quality is our best assurance of consumer allegiance, our strongest defense against foreign competition, and the only path to sustained growth and earnings.

Jack Welch

Whenever you see a successful business,
someone once made a courageous

Peter Drucker

Do Something. If its works, do more of it. If it doesn´t do something else.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Profit is a byproduct
of a thing well done.

Philip Kotler

Concentrate on speed,
simplicity and trust.

Jack Welch

Destiny is not question of opportunity.
It's a question of choice. It is not
something to wait for, it's something
to be achieved.

William Jennings Bryan

International Partnerships

Partnership between RSA and Boccuzzi

By means of the strategic partnership established between RSA - Raposo Subtil e Associados and Boccuzzi Advogados Associados, both firms intend to provide the best support and advisory service for their Clients, especially to advice companies and private investors who bet in the Brazilian and Portuguese market to develop investment projects, specially in the financial and real estate sectors.


Investments Strategy

Analysis and definition of a more effective and adequate model, in order to maximize investment success and reduce its risks. Tax advising in the investments structure sector.

Investments Vehicles

Advisory in the selection and constitution of a vehicle with national or international domicile. Option for support in a permanent basis, including in the accounting area. Incorporation of Real Estate Companies, Real Estate Investments Funds, Venture Capitals Funds, Foundations, Associations, etc.

Studies and Real Estate Evaluation

Advisory in the selection and elaboration of evaluation processes according to the applicable legislation under national and international law. Support and elaboration of economical/financial Real Estate operations.

Legal/Technical Audits

Advisory of legal due-diligence of real estates and companies position, evaluating the compliance of the applicable legal regulations and verification of passive or active contingencies; Evaluation of risks and guarantees to be granted. Elaboration of Final Report in which it is proposed the development of action strategy in accordance with the audit's results.

Real Estate Agreements

Advisory which integrates the negotiation and elaboration of all kinds of real estate agreements, agreement for the acquisition of real estate rights, lease agreements, exchange, building agreements, surveillance agreements, real estate management, hotels management and exploration. Support in partnerships structuring, elaboration and negotiation of guarantees for real estate operations and execution/support of notarial acts and registry.


Advisory in real estate projects; Advisory during all phases of the licensing process. Elaboration and incorporation of condominiums and condominium regulations; Analysis of territorial management instruments in order to identify feasibility and contingencies for the client.

Financing and Companies Restructuring

Support and advising with the purpose to obtain bank financing necessary to the development of the real estate/financial projects. Support in financial restructuration and incorporation/reinforcement of guarantees by means of agreement with financial entities, support in the elaboration of the necessary documents for this purpose. Support and creative development of innovative financing structures.

Assets Regularization and Legalization

Analysis of assets registry and registration position and its update. Advising in the legalization and support for the development and conclusion of touristic/residential/office/commercial businesses. Obtainment and organization of the documentary process regarding real estates and support in granting of public deeds, participation in the finances and in the registry at the Land Registry Office.


Advising and support in the fundamental subjects of the corporate routine, including merger and acquisition, spin-off, relationship between the Management and the shareholding structure, elaboration of shareholders agreement, increase and decrease of the corporate capital, strategies to reduce investment, etc. Support in the management, financial and accountancy organization.

Management of Real Estate Projects

Includes advising in all phases and sectors of business management, notably, business plans, financing strategies, planning and licensing, projects coordination, administrative and documentary management and commercial administration.