BOCCUZZI - Advogados Associados

Well done is better
than well said.

Benjamin Franklin

There are no small
steps in big deals.

Jean Retz

The biggest competitive
advantage a company can have
is a vision of the future.

Gary Hamel

Never walk through the path that has
already been walked, because it only takes you where others have already been.

Alexander Graham Bell

Opportunities multiply as they are taken advantage ok.

Sun Tzu

Quality is our best assurance of consumer allegiance, our strongest defense against foreign competition, and the only path to sustained growth and earnings.

Jack Welch

Whenever you see a successful business,
someone once made a courageous

Peter Drucker

Do Something. If its works, do more of it. If it doesn´t do something else.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Profit is a byproduct
of a thing well done.

Philip Kotler

Concentrate on speed,
simplicity and trust.

Jack Welch

Destiny is not question of opportunity.
It's a question of choice. It is not
something to wait for, it's something
to be achieved.

William Jennings Bryan


Boccuzzi Advogados Associados has thought differently from the beginning. We were founded in 1996 on the basis of personal client service. Here, growth does not interfere with excellent customer service focused on a long-term relationship.

To achieve the goals we have had from the outset, Boccuzzi Advogados Associados has a compact and efficient structure. We have chosen to build a highly skilled team, ready to serve our clients in the way large law firms do, while maintaining the close relationship of a small firm.

Based on this fundamental idea, we have focused on business law as a boutique law firm, providing satisfactory results at an attractive cost.


Boutique law firms have been a market trend for several years.  The essential element that sets a boutique law firms apart is client service based on trust and close, personal relationships.  Old clients are valued, and new opportunities are pursued as they arise.

A solid team of lawyers with little turnover makes management simpler: because they supervise a smaller structure, partners have more time to dedicate to serving our clients.

In large, well-known law firms, growth is usually a main focus. This leads to their lawyers being overburdened as they attempt to do multiple jobs at the same time. In this case, performing multiple activities and incessantly seeking new business puts stress on the relationship with old clients.

Boutique law firms view growth differently: profitability comes from managing costs and investing in relationships, which is an ideal combination to achieve good results.